We’re back!

This site hasn’t been updated for a while. Here’s a short explanation of why, and some good news.

In April 2017 I moved to Belgium to start working again with Operation Mobilisation, an international Christian NGO.

However, this coincided with a technical glitch on this site, which meant that it was almost impossible to update. Being back in Belgium has been very intensive—getting back into Flemish and French, working with an exciting team and many partners—and this has put the site on the backburner.

The good news is, the technical issue is now finally resolved (it was a caching loop, if you’re interested), and it will now be possible to post more regular updates.

In the meantime, thank you, everyone, who has continued to recommend this site. The vast bulk of the content does not age. There may be some pruning going on with older content related to past campaigns.

If you are looking for some more personal information, I’m still a member of the Liberal Democrats in the UK, but am not actively involved in politics.

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