The Skifter coming to paperback in September

The Skifter coming to paperback in September

Cover image from The Skifter

The Skifter — a children’s novel for grown-ups

There’s been a bit of interest in ‘The Skifter’ (children’s novel) over the last few days, and one kind person emailed me to ask if it was available in paperback. Well, thanks to the kind folks at Amazon, it will be shortly.  Further updates soon.

What if time were like a roll of silk, if the adventurous could slip from layer to layer, and if this were something not new, but as old as King Arthur? When snow falls thick on Birmingham, Scott Raynall is caught in an adventure which mingles magic, myth and sword play. Ghosts, giants, highwaymen, and the steady crunch crunch of horse hooves on the frozen land.

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