Time to stop the bickering on climate change

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Warming ‘already changing world’
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, due to be published today, will make the case that of 29,000 pieces of data on observed changes in physical and biological aspects of the natural world, 85% are consistent with a warming world.

I met some Americans recently who put forward the view that global warming was still an unproven phenomenum. They were not trying to advance a political agenda — it was just that this is what they understood to be the balance of scientific opinion.

Ten years ago, it was probably legitimate to say that the jury was still out on climate change — although the likelihood was far greater than that of an asteroid hitting the earth, which was something that NASA was actively investigating at the time. Five years ago you had to be fairly stubborn if you wanted to maintain the view that it wasn’t happening. As of today, it is, in many respects, the most likely thing in the world.