What happens next?

Launching the election campaign May 2010

Martin Turner, Nick Lane and supporters launch the General Election campaign in Stratford on Avon

The election is done, the coalition — for better or for worse — is bedding in. Nobody got exactly what they wanted, but what they are getting is a lot better than it might otherwise have been. The economy is in growth, the markets are beginning to stabilise.

Many people have been asking me about my future as a candidate, so let me explain exactly what the process is within the Liberal Democrats. I remain the candidate for Stratford on Avon until the end of December. On the first of January 2011, all Lib Dem parliamentary candidates cease to be candidates. There will then be a period of about two years in which key seats advertise for candidates, and select on the basis of applicants. Seats which are held by sitting MPs don’t go through this process, but all other seats, no matter how established the candidate, do this. All local members are entitled to vote, and, in most cases, a two week selection campaign is concluded with a hustings.

In the mean time, we are continuing to enjoy living here in Marlcliff, and I continue to be involved in district affairs, such as the Fire Service, noise abatement, and the local Lib Dems.