Stratford on Avon

Liberal Democrats require a 4% swing to win Stratford upon Avon constituency at the next General Election.

Delighted to be selected for Stratford upon Avon

Delighted to be selected for Stratford upon Avon

Image: Martin Turner Last Thursday was the day the snow began to fall. Local Authorities in the West Midlands were busy congratulating themselves on their success at gritting the roads properly, which was all very well until it fell again the next day, and the region came to a stand still.

But last Thursday was significant for me in a very different sense. It was the evening on which Stratford-upon-Avon Liberal Democrats voted to adopt me as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate — fourteen months after Menzies Campbell first leaned across to me at a dinner and said “I hope you stand for Stratford.”

Now we move forwards!

BBC NEWS | Politics | Sir Menzies wins Lib Dem contest

Many congratulations to Menzies Campbell for his victory today. It was a leadership election where each of the three final candidates was in the lead at one point — fitting testimony to the fact that we had three candidates each of whom stood head and shoulders above the leaders of the other parties.

Menzies Campbell has my unqualified support. He is a leader all of us can look up to. At a time when foreign affairs are more important than they have been for a generation, having Ming at the helm will give us the incisive direction which the other two parties have convincingly proven that they woefully lack.

Even in the middle of our leadership campaign, when we were at our lowest position in the polls for years, and the Tories were at their highest, we convincingly trounced Labour in the Dunfermline by-election, and pushed the sorrowful Tories into fourth place.

Tomorrow, our first conference of the new leadership will launch us into a prolonged period of growth.

It is now for us to make the most of it. Now we move forwards.

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