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The Skifter now in paperback

The Skifter now in paperback

The SkifterMy children’s / YA novel The Skifter is now available in paperback on Amazon, as well as Kindle.

“The beast came crunching down in the snow, writhing as it skidded. It stopped two feet short of where he stood waving his bag. The huge teeth were fixed in a snarl. But it was the snarl of death. A long knife, the size of a meat cleaver, trailed from its neck.”

The snow that began on December the sixth brought Birmingham to a halt and sent Scott Raynall out of school early. But deep snow brings out dark things, opening doors into the past and drawing malice, ruin and revenge into the present.

As he learns to skift through England’s darkest years, Scott is caught in an adventure which mingles magic, myth and swordplay, until he must finally confront an enchantress who threatens to unmake time for ever.

For fans of time travel, King Arthur, swordplay, and the middle ages. 11 to adult.

As a bit of background, the Skifter has been on Smashwords for about five years, a brave experiment into the new world of digital publishing. However, it wasn’t until I’d done the work to get it there that I discovered that the US tax office takes an enormous percentage of earnings, and Smashwords doesn’t actually send you any money until there’s quite a hefty royalty in your account.

As a result, the Skifter has languished, unmarketed by me, and largely undiscovered by readers.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I received this by email:


My children are fans of your wonderful book, Skifter. We were wondering if there are any hard copies and if so if we could purchase a copy.
[name supplied]

I could not resist.

The book has gone through a serious re-edit, one map and one plan of the castle have been added, the cover has been redesigned, and the punctuation revised.

If you are desperate to read it but cannot find the requisite currency, please drop me an email at [email protected], and I will see if I can get a PDF to you.


The Skifter on iBooks

The Skifter on iBooks

Cover image from The Skifter

The Skifter — a children’s novel for grown-ups

My novel The Skifter is now available on the iPad or iPhone via iBooks, or from www.SmashWords.com, in a variety of formats including Kindle and regular text.

So what’s it about? Sword-fighting, love, history, King Arthur, adventure, magic and books. Set around Kenilworth, Warwickshire in the present day and much of the past, it’s a treat for the senses and for the intellect, as unlikely but nonetheless intrepid hero Scott Raynall is catapulted through time in search of his famously mysterious mother.

Let me know if you enjoy it…


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