Milestones on the blog

Milestones on the blog

Orange: Unique visitors. Yellow: Visits. Blue: Pages. Turquoise: Hits. Green: Bandwidth. Each is autoscaled to its own scale, so there weren't ever more visitors than pages, for example. passed a few milestones in April, based on AWstats which is my preferred measure 1.

In April, for the first time:

  • More than 5,000 unique visitors came to the site (April — 5,282, highest previous was March at 4,890)
  • There were more than 9,000 separate visits to the site (April — 9059, highest previous was March at 8,528)
  • The pages visited went over 50,000 for the first time (April — 54, 578, highest previous March 49,998)
  • The highest ever number of visits in a day, which was 498.

Thank you for making my April, everyone who has been before!

Actually finding out what people are interested in is even more enlightening.

About 2/5 of the pages read are read in the USA, with the UK coming in just under 2/5, and the rest of the world sharing the remainder. Americans are most interested in How to Write a Sword Fight and the Best Doctor Who Adventures. UK readers tend to read more of the politics stuff, though both groups were highly interested in Filemaker Go for the iPad.

The Lord of the Rings excited more than the average monthly comments in April. Someone obviously thought I didn’t like it and decided to write a spirited defence. I’m not sure they quite got the point, but it was nice to have the discussion.

In terms of searches that brought them there, I am (sadly) now only the third most interesting thing on my own site. The top three searches were, in order, Best Doctor Who, Worst Doctor Who Episodes, and Martin Turner.

Happy reading for the month of May.

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  1. AWstats doesn’t use cookies, and so is compliant with new legislation. It tends to produce higher figures than Google Stats, which under-reports. The milestones are comparative, and Google shows the same trend, just so you know

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