Wife launches campaign…

Wife launches campaign…

Marjolein Turner for Bidford and Salford Priors

Today my wife, Marjolein Turner, launched her campaign to represent Bidford and Salford Priors at Stratford on Avon District Council. It’s her first time standing for election.

We’ve been out and about already putting leaflets through letter boxes. People have started to stop her in the street to say they are going to vote for her.

Although it’s her first time standing, Marjolein is no stranger to campaigning. She did a lot of photographic work for the successful Save Bidford Fire Station campaign in 2009, and she’s been involved in the local community here in Marlcliff (the village where we live) and in Bidford (the big village over the river) since we moved here in 2009.

Just in case you’re wondering, Marjolein runs a successful translation and interpreting business with a list of famous clients rather longer than your arm (even if you have disproportionately long arms). She’s Dutch, speaks English, Dutch, Frisian (yes, that is a language), German, French and Turkish, and has been a gigging bass player, though now she mainly plays at theBarn, our local church which gets around 180 now to a typical service.

We got married in 1990. Since then we’ve moved house twice, moved countries once, fought five elections together (this will be our sixth), fought each other with swords (regrettably she stopped fencing a few years back), founded a rock band and two businesses, and are excited about this new challenge.


I will also be off to Swaythling before the local elections to help my mother, Councillor Maureen Turner, in her campaign to get another Lib Dem elected in the ward. Swaythling is primed to become part of the Eastleigh constituency if the boundary changes as currently proposed go through, and it’s important that we strengthen our position there.

In the mean time, I’m pressing ahead with my new business Brand Motor.

It’s all go.

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