Figment of the Imagination

Figment of the Imagination

The Montenegran Imposture, by Martin TurnerI started writing when I got my first typewriter, an old Imperial, at about the age of ten. I’ve been writing fiction, off and on, ever since. Recently I joined a writers’ website called Figment, which is a challenging place to write, as (like most websites) the majority of the regular posters are teenagers or early twenties: when they don’t like something, they don’t mince words.

As well as getting some feedback from readers — which, despite the obvious shortcomings (the fear of getting ‘your writing is rubbish…’), is what really inspires writing — it’s inspired me to pick up a couple of short story challenges.

You may enjoy (all under 1,000 words)

  • The Montenegran Imposture — a short story set in 1860 about a charming but unscrupulous Englishman, perhaps like a character from Lermontov or Saki
  • Roman Noir — my first attempt at ‘Noir’ fiction, set in Liège, Belgium, in 1989.
  • Grey Tide — a poem in under 20 words.

You may also feel inspired to write!

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