More answers than questions

Three months after the close of the consultation on the Fire Service, I have still received no answers to my questions and objections. But six hours after submitting my response to the consultation on a potential Stratford Parkway railway station, I was sent a complete and comprehensive set of answers specifically tailored to my questions (see the previous article), as well as a copy of the outline business case.

This is refreshing, and transparent, and laudably quick.

I do now feel that the outstanding issues have been answered, and I have written back to them to tell them so. Evidently a great deal of thought and research went into the proposals, and many of the fears which have been put to me by local people — especially the fear that Stratford-upon-Avon railway station would eventually close — have now been put to rest.

A certain part of me still feels that these questions could have been answered openly to begin with — but, given the speed with which they responded, I really can’t fault them.

Of course, there is still a great deal of work to be done, and many negotiations must be concluded. Things might still go wrong. But the way in which the planners responded gives me a great deal of confidence that they will see to it that things do not go wrong.

Once again — this is refreshing, and should not be forgotten.

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