Nick Griffin is in no sense a Christian. So he should shut up and stop pretending he speaks for Christian Britain

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, has been appearing on television telling us that ‘foreigners’ must accept ‘Christian’ values. Buoyed up by (at the time of writing) the first BNP European parliamentary seat, he is telling people that they are no longer welcome in this country unless they do.

But the truth is, Nick Griffin is not a Christian, and he appears to have very little idea of what a Christian is like. I’m left wondering if he has ever met a Christian, and, if he has, has ever taken the trouble to ask them what they believe.

Lots of people of Griffin-like persuasion try to hide behind the argument that the Bible ‘can be interpreted in lots of ways’. But this is utter rubbish, and people who make this kind of argument show that they really have little interest in interpreting the Bible at all.

A bit less than 2,000 years ago a man called Jesus, from Nazareth, announced an entirely new deal. His teaching included love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you, keep forgiving. His illustrative stories includes the famous story of the Good Samaritan — deliberately constructed to challenge deep seated racism. He mixed with the outcasts of society.

Not long afterwards, the followers of Jesus were named ‘Christian’ — initially a derogatory term. It was more than three hundred years before Christianity was accepted as a state-recognised religion. In its formative years, Christianity made no claims to ‘own’ any state or country.

If Griffin had bothered to read the New Testament, he would find a book which urges that we do not judge each other, but he would also find a book which both judged and condemned everything that he stands for.

Normally, on that basis, I would not presume to accuse or judge any politician on Christian standards. But by presenting himself as a voice for ‘Christian values’, Griffin brings himself under the full and heavy condemnation reserved by Jesus of Nazareth for hypocrites.

Griffin, you do not speak for us, we utterly repudiate what you stand for. In future, simply cease from trying to attribute your racist rubbish to anything connected with Jesus Christ or the faith he founded.

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