Superb night for Lib-Dems in Stratford upon Avon

Local election results: Stratford-on-Avon District Council
No need for spin in Stratford upon Avon after last night’s local election result, where there was a swing of five seats from Conservative to Liberal Democrat.
Beverley Mann defeated Peter Barton in Harbury
Richard Cheney defeated Trevor Russel in Shipston
Kate Rolfe romped home to a substantial win in Alveston
Trevor Honychurch picked up Stratford Avenue and New Town
Ron Cockings became the new councillor for Stratford Guild and Hathaway
Joyce Taylor was elected in Stratford Mount Pleasant
Paul Beaman retained Studley
Lib Dem Michala Piotrowski came within an agonising 5 votes of unseating Susan Main in Wellesbourne, which is in Stratford upon Avon district council, but not in the parliamentary constituency.

This is a superb result on a night where, in many places, the Tories were counting up their trophies.

Well done to all those who made it happen!

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