Finally, the results are in: Iraq was a false prospectus

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | ‘No Saddam link to Iraq al-Qaeda’
Finally, three years after the events, the US has admitted that there was in fact no link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. Bush’s axis of evil is now proved to be what we have said all along: nothing more than an axis of Bush family unfinished business.
Nobody would deny that Saddam Hussein was a bad man.
Nobody is denying that the Iraqi people would probably have been better off without him.
But, equally, no-one can seriously claim that our and the American’s adventure in Mesopotamia has done anyone any good.

Saddam Hussein is now standing trial for the deaths of 100,000 Kurds in 1988. By 31 August this year, the campaign group Iraq Body Count put the total number of reported civilan deaths in Iraq at between 39,171 and 43,846 (Iraq Body Count). But even by October 2004, a study in the Lancet suggested that there were 100,000 extra deaths in Iraq. Both the UK and US governments have admitted that the chaotic situation in Iraq makes it impossible to gather information accurately.

39,000. Or 44,000. Or 100,000. Or more.

What price freedom?

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