• Bonfire in fog

    Bonfire in fog

Bands, brands, and musical preferences

How STOMP research can help get it right without guessing If you’re at all interested in studies on musical styles, you’ve probably come across the STOMP test. It’s less exciting than it sounds, being the Short Test of Musical Preferences, where you pick the styles you like, and then it tells you what your musical(…)



Why I’m in

Tomorrow, the nation votes. I’m in. Why? It seems to me this is a referendum about what kind of Britain we want to have, and believe we have. There is a vision of Britain which is stronger with many friends, which engages with the world around it, which enjoys a major role in the world’s(…)


How QuarkXPress 2016 changes the DTP game

QuarkXPress 2016 was released today. It’s been my great privilege to work with the Quark team as one of their testers in the weeks leading up to it. You may have seen my post before about conversion to native objects. That is a game changer. There is more, though. For the first time, we can(…)

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